Anger over homes plan in West Haddon

Villagers are angry about plans for new homes which would increase the population of West Haddon by a third.

A public exhibition has already been held for 80 homes off Guilsborough Road to the rearof Morrison Park Road.

The village is also aware of plans for up to 100 more houses between Guilsborough Road and the water tower and another 20 houses behind the Mower Shop off Northampton Road.

The chairman of the parish council Pat Baldwin said: “It was always going to happen as soon as we had the bypass built that the land would be opened up for more housing.

“It is going to leave the village totally lopsided.”

And she also warned it was likely to have an impact on facilities in the village.

Cllr Baldwin added: “A new school will have to be built because the primary school is full at the moment and there is no room to expand it. There are also drainage issues in the area and more houses would put further pressure on the system. What we need is more affordable housing for some of the younger people in the village.”

No formal planning applications have been received for any of the three proposals put forward but when they are received, will be considered by the parish council.

The council is also currently preparing a neighbourhood plan, a document which will allow local people to give their views on the type of developments they would like in the village.

It wouldn’t mean all new housing proposals would fail but would mean development would have to be sustainable.