Anger as town council backs plans for homes in Daventry

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Daventry Town Council (DTC) has backed plans for the controversial Mickle Well Park development despite complaints from residents.

Around 50 residents from Daventry and neighbouring Welton attended a special meeting of the town council on Thursday last week to discuss the plans for 450 new homes on land to the north of the town.

A presentation was given by the opposition group during the open forum.

However, the council decided to support the proposals and this prompted many angry letters to the Daventry Express.

One, Welton resident Margaret Jones, said: “The feeling I got is that once again the town councillors are not listening to the people who they are supposed to represent.

“They have had meetings with the developers but only allow the residents a minimal amount of time to voice objections.”

Another Welton resident, Patricia Barber, added: “It is of extreme concern to the people living in Welton. This is our home area for all, our sanctuary, and now it appears that nobody is particularly bothered from the council’s point of view regarding the planning application.

“It would appear that our voices are not being heard.”

A spokesman for DTC said: “Many of the members noted that concerns raised by Welton parishioners and the Mickle Well Opposition Group had already been considered and were to be included within their submission to Daventry District Council, the local planning authority.

“Further to meetings with agents for potential developers and an independent planning consultant, the town council agreed that to deter piecemeal development within the town the option was to support the application. By supporting this application, monies could be secured from the developer to improve existing infrastructure, invest monies in projects and impose planning conditions to reduce any negative impact on the surrounding area – with particular reference to the A361 – to benefit all Daventry residents.

“The town council actively seeks and considers the views of Daventry residents and encourages their participation in public meetings to ensure their views are heard on any matter related to the town.”

The spokesman also added it considered the views of all residents before sending its response in its position as a statutory consultee.

The Mickle Well Park Opposition Group discussed its plans for the fighting the development at a meeting held at the Heartlands Business Park which included Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris , who has given his support to the opposition campaign. A final decision on the plans will be made by Daventry District Council.