Anger after demolition 
of garages on town estate

Chris Boikovs
Chris Boikovs

A Daventry couple were left angry after they were given just two full days notice that a garage they were using was to be demolished.

Amanda Boikovs found out on Friday, March 13 that the garages on land off Highfield Road on the Headlands estate were to be demolished the following Monday.

She said: “I found it outrageous that we were only given notice of this a couple of days before it was due to happen.

“We spent ages clearing everything out of the garage and then it wasn’t even done on the Monday.”

The garages were eventually knocked down last Thursday by Daventry and District Houisng (DDH),

Amanda’s husband, Chris, added: “There was a working boiler stored in the garage and a couple of cement mixers which I just had to take to the tip.

“Should my boiler in the house break now, I’ll have to spend money replacing it when I’ve had to throw a functioning one away.

A DDH spokesman said: “DDH has initiated demolition work on 12 ageing garages on Queen’s Road as part of a plan to improve the area and create open parking within for residents.

“Only three of the garages were occupied and the site had become a magnet for 
anti-social behaviour and vandalism, which has triggered complaints from tenants to our neighbourhoods teams.

“To minimise disruption to those affected, we have arranged alternative garages close by – although we appreciate the notice we gave to tenants was relatively short.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused but we feel the neighbourhood will benefit from removing the garages.”