Almost two incidents of fly-tipping reported every day in Daventry district

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There are an average of almost two reports of fly-tipping every single day in the Daventry district.

Figures from Daventry District Council show that in the past six weeks 82 reports of fly-tipping have been made from across the district – and average of 1.95 per day.

A total of 24 of those reports were for rubbish dumped within Daventry town – more than one incident every two days.

Rubbish dumped on public land is the responsibility of DDC to clear up leading to costs in terms of man-hours and transport to and from the various locations. Plus the council then has to pay to dispose of the waste, either by recycling where possible or landfill.

The teams charged with collecting fly-tipped waste and sorting through it for recyclables also look for anything which might trace the waste back to its owner, who may then face a fine.

Residents are responsible for disposing of their waste correctly, or for using a licenced waste hauler. Failure to check if someone you pay to take rubbish away is properly licenced can result in the homeowner being held responsible if that rubbish then turns up fly-tipped somewhere.