Allotments get funding boost

Daventry Town Council is to put £1,000 aside to improve security on allotment sites in the town centre.

The figure was agreed following a meeting of the council on Monday night and follows on from several incidents of theft and vandalism.

The money is likely to be spent on new padlocks to secure entrances and for planting prickly bushes in the gaps in the existing hedges to act as a deterrent for vandals.

The decision was made to improve the security on the allotments after plot holders on the town’s Drayton estate were left angered by the theft of produce and damage to plants and sheds throughout the summer.

Several items of home grown fruit and vegetables were trampled on, other items were stolen, while shed windows were broken.

The Daventry Allotments and Garden Association called a meeting last month with Daventry Town Council, which is responsible for Drayton allotments and others within the town.

Northamptonshire Police are continuing to investigate 10 incidents in August and September.

The association’s president and treasurer, Len Lewis, said: “There have been no incidents since the outbreak but we want to prevent this from happening again.”