Alan Moore threatens to pull out of TV project in Northampton in light of 'continuing destruction and pillaging of town’s resources'

Alan Moore has "had enough" of Northamptonshire County Council's treatment of his hometown
Alan Moore has "had enough" of Northamptonshire County Council's treatment of his hometown

Writer Alan Moore has threatened to ditch plans for a television series set in Northampton because he no longer wishes to draw attention to the town because of the way the county council has treated it.

The renowned author, known for his V for Vendetta and The Watchmen comics, grew up in Northampton but has grown increasingly frustrated with the state of it, describing it as looking like a post-apocalyptic disaster movie while also likening the Upper Mounts to Sarajevo in the 1990s.

Now he is prepared to bin a project which could be both lucrative for and effective at promoting his hometown because he has "had enough of this."

“I’m on the verge after four or five years of quite intensive negotiations of actually getting a feature film made that follows on from the five short films that I made a couple of years ago with my friend, the director Mitch Jenkins," said Mr Moore.

“The feature film is all set in Northampton and since that will begin filming in March, there’s not a lot that we can do about that now, contracts have been signed and this is going ahead. And I expect that it will bring in quite a lot of attention to the town, and I believe the council themselves are very, very pleased about this.

“However, I cannot go on being somebody who draws attention to the town and says what a lovely, historic place it is, and how much I love it when that is showing no appreciable difference in the way that the council treats the town.

“So that makes me a kind of poster boy that is somehow validating the disaster zone that they are making of Northampton, so I would have to say the very probably two or three seasons of a television series following on from the film which we’ve been told the BBC is interested in, if this goes ahead, if this continuing destruction and pillaging of the town’s resources then the potentially much more lucrative and much more effective - in terms of giving the town a profile - that televisions series will either not be going ahead or not going ahead in Northampton… because I’ve had enough of this.

“I love this town and I think the council knows that but I do not love what has been done to it, and they should be aware of that as well, and I am completely serious about this.

“If this library stuff goes ahead then I regret having to say that but I have to draw a line. I cannot go on passively accepting all of this needless despoliation that is being perpetrated in the place where I grew up.”