A weekend at home for young Jago

Jago Worrall
Jago Worrall

Jago Worrall will be spending a weekend at home with his family – only the second time he’s been home since his accident.

And Jago has started a new die this week aimed at hopefully curbing his seizures.

Jago, from Welton, was left with severe brain injuries following a drowning accident at home. His parents Lyn and Barney are now looking to bring him home from a specialist centre in Surrey where he is receiving treatment.

Lyn said: “We’re all looking forward to Jago coming back home for the weekend. Last time he was here was in October.

“On Monday Jago started a new ketogenic diet. It’s like the Atkins diet; he can’t have any carbohydrate, but it’s high in good fats. Basically the chemicals that diet releases into the body in some cases cut the number of seizures in children by 40 to 50 per cent.

“It is pretty involved, I’ve had to order special toothpaste and some of his medications have had to be changed because they contain sugar.

His family are looking to raise up to £200,000 to help bring Jago home for good.

Children in Year Six at Welton Primary School raised money for the Jago Worrall Foundation at their enterprise day on Saturday. And the Daventry Express and readers are helping as well.

The Gusher is hosting a quiz night on Friday March 8 at Daventry Leisure Centre in Lodge Road. Among the prizes are a family ticket to Legoland and bowling for a family of four at Hellidon Lakes. Tickets are £8 per person for £35 for a team of five, from the Daventry Express offices in High Street and the leisure centre.