A new challenge for head at village school

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THE new headteacher for Crick Primary School is looking forward to the challenge of taking the school forward.

Julie Neill, pictured right, has moved to the school from Northern Ireland to take on the top job and is looking to assess her new surroundings before making any changes.

She said: “I am going to be taking a little bit of time and see what the strenghs are of the school and how we can all make any improvements for the better.

“I’ll be looking to work with the staff and the parents before carrying out any changes.”

But she was quick to praise her new pupils – despite them having to get used to her accent!

Mrs Neill said: “I thought it was a really lovely school when I first came and could tell straightaway that it is right at the heart of the community in Crick.

“Everyone has been very welcoming to me, the staff, the parents, governors and all of the pupils have been absolutely wonderful, it’s a lovely atmosphere to come into.

“Because I have come from Northern Ireland, some of the pupils have had to get used to my accent and I have had to do the same, but it has been good.”

It is also a complete change of scene for Mrs Neill who has never worked in England before.

She said: “I have been a teacher in Northern Ireland for 11 years, three of which have been as a headteacher.

“My previous school as a headtacher saw me working in a village school but there was only 57 children.

“There are a lot more children here at Crick and I am used to working with a lot less staff. It is nice having more people to work with and bounce ideas off.

“I was looking for a school in England because my husband got a job here, and we were looking for somewhere located quite centrally because his work takes him anywhere.

“When the opportunity came up for this job, I was really excited and could tell it was a special school.”

She replaces Jan James as headteacher who retired at the end of the previous school year after eight years in charge.

Mrs Neil added: “I am really pleased to be here. I am just looking forward to taking the school into the future and achieving the highest standards possible.”