A ‘hole’ lot of work needed on our roads!

Potholes, Warwick Street, Daventry
Potholes, Warwick Street, Daventry

A long list of pot holes and crumbling roads has been highlighted as in need of repair by Daventry Express readers.

We asked people to identify those roads in Daventry and the surrounding areas which had the worst problems.

A host of responses came back, including Low March, the railway bridge on Ashby Road, High Street, at the junction of Long March and London Road, Keats Road, Dryden Road, the A361 north of Middlemore, Vicar Lane near the Abbey Junior School, Warwick Street, all the lanes into Barby, St James Street on one of the speed humps, Crick Road in Yelvertoft, Lake Crescent on Drayton, as well as the Grange estate in general.

On Facebook, Kelly Jones said: “Instead of wasting money patching it up so it goes again soon, try repairing it properly.”

Kerrie Dorgan addded: “There’s too many to choose from.”

Northamptonshire County Council, which is responsible for highways, said the combination of the recent wet weather and now freezing temperatures, could cause problems with road surfaces.

It also highlighted its new repair method which, although it takes longer to carry out than traditional patching with loose tarmac, means repairs should bond with the old road surface and last longer.

Deanna Eddon, a district councillor for Abbey South in Daventry, highlighted a number of problem areas.

She said: “Warwick Street looks bad to me. It looks like the road has been top dressed at least three times, and then the water has got into the seams and caused them to break away.

“In one place there’s a pothole about one and a half inches deep,” Councillor Eddon added. “Road maintenance is the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council. People need to report problems to them, or their councillor, as how else will they know there’s a problem to fix.”

Pot holes and other road problems should be reported to Streetdoctor via www.northamptonshire.gov.uk.