60 years of marriage for Long Buckby couple

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Long Buckby couple Jean and Arthur Spokes are celebrating 60 years of marriage on July 2.

The diamond pair were married at St Martin’s Church, Welton, in 1955 and have lived in the same home in Holyoake Terrace for all their married life.

Arthur, 82, was born in Sanders Terrace, Long Buckby and Jean, 81, whose maiden name was Emery, was born in Welton.

Arthur was one of three brothers and his eldest brother Sidney Frank Spokes, known also as Frank was held in Singapore’s Changi Prison from 1942 until the end of the Second World War. Frank returned to a hero’s welcome on the streets of Long Buckby and was Arthur’s best man.

His other brother Den Spokes, had married Jean’s sister Molly Emery in 1951 and it was at their wedding the couple began their courtship.

The two sisters and two brothers lived only a door apart in Holyoake Terrace for 56 years, but sadly Den died in 1998 and Molly in 2011.

Jean and Arthur’s eldest daughter, Michelle, said: “We always had amazing Christmases and my brother Kevin spent his childhood playing with his cousin Geoff. Auntie had an endless supply of Golden Wonder crisps and snacks as she worked at the crisp factory in Long Buckby.”

Arthur spent most of his working life in Long Buckby as a carpenter/joiner and Jean worked as a machinist at Brooks factory in Daventry until she married and became a full time mum to their three children Kevin, Michelle and Yvette.

The family has grown to include eight grandsons and one granddaughter.

Jean and Arthur say that the secret to a happy marriage is having a “wonderful family”.