£50m retail bid will create 755 new jobs in Daventry

AROUND 755 jobs will be created by the major new retail development planned for Daventry town centre, it has emerged.

Full details of the £50 million Mulberry Place and supermarket site applications have now been released following the plans being handed to Daventry District Council last Wednesday.

Cllr Chris Millar, leader of DDC, said: “Hopefully now people know the planning application is in it will give them further confidence that this is going to happen.

“It’s good news for jobs in the district, not only the jobs created directly by the units, but the knock-on effect to other businesses in the town and wider area too, and it’s a large inward investment in Daventry district.

“More people will come to Daventry, and the town will become more of a destination for people living further away.”

In total the two sites, due to be completed by 2018, will create an extra 180,000 sq ft of shops and other facilities, including a multiplex cinema and library. It is thought the new floor space will add 50 to 75 per cent to the existing town centre.

Mulberry Place, on the Millennium Way/Primrose Hill car park, will have 17 new units, from larger retail units down to smaller ones suitable for coffee shops and food outlets, plus the new cinema and library, all set around a pedestrianised ‘street’.

In addition, a new supermarket, large retail unit and petrol station will be built on the old outdoor pool site, which will also involve significant changes to roads in the area.

The new supermarket, which may also run the petrol station, is not expected to be named until May 2013 at the earliest.

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