£1 million expansion for primary school

MHDE'Weedon Bec Primary School
MHDE'Weedon Bec Primary School
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PLANS for a million pound expansion of Weedon Bec Primary School have been submitted to Daventry District Council (DDC).

The new scheme, put forward by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC), will see the school get three new classrooms, a new learning resource centre inlcuding extra computers and library facilities and improved staff accommodation.

Headteacher Antony Witheyman believes the expansion will make a huge difference to the school.

He said: “One of the biggest problems we have got is a lack of space for the pupils to learn in. I was having a meeting with the county council about the expansion and we were interrupted by two pupils who were trying to find somewhere quiet to do some work.

“The extra classrooms means we will be able to take on extra pupils.

“Over the past two years, we have had to turn away children who live in the village. It has not been huge amounts of children but I feel it is very important that we should be able to offer a place to every child in the village who wants one.

“I think we were chosen for expansion because there are new homes being built in the village and NCC could see there was going to be increased demand for school places as a result of this development.”

He was also full of praise for some of the planned facilities.

Mr Witheyman said: “The new learning resource centre will enable children to go into just one room and be able to look through books and use the computers and then bring their work back into the classroom.

“It will be great for the pupils to go into this really modern resource centre. It will make a big difference.”

The changes will mean the school will be able to cater for 256 pupils whereas currently the capacity is for 210 students.

The school is one of 11 being expanded in the county but Weedon Bec Primary School is the only one in the Daventry district. Funding has come from the government, the school and section 106 funding from new housing developments.

Mr Witheyman is confident as well the work will not impact on the pupils.

Mr Witheyman added: “If we do gte planning permission then we would be looking at starting the building work in June next year and will be completed around Christmas time next year.

“A lot of the work is likely to be carried out over the summer holidays in terms of making the school bigger.”

The application, which was submitted at the end of last month, will be determined by DDC in the near future.