Traditional Feast makes a comeback

A VILLAGE is reviving its traditional harvest celebrations after an absence of more than 100 years.

Crick Village Feast will be returning on the weekend of October 1 and 2.

There will be a drama evening, a display of old and interesting vehicles and agricultural equipment, a barbecue, and historic displays and harvest services in both the decorated churches. There will also be a village market, side stalls and games.

The feast, which has its roots in medieval times, is being revived by Crick History Society and Crick Parish Council.

Jim Goodger, chairman of the history society, said: “Historically Crick has its own feast event.

“Ours was tied to the harvest festival, which is why we’re having it so late in the year rather than in the height of summer.

“The earliest reference we have to the Crick feast comes from 1721 I think. By the late 18th century the school logbook shows the boys were being given a whole week off for the feast, so it was obviously a huge event.

“It just seemed like it was something that was worth trying to revive.”

A few years ago Long Buckby managed to relaunch its annual feast, held at August Bank Holiday, after an absence of several decades.

That event raised thousands of pounds each year which is put back into the community by giving grants to organisations in the village.

Mr Goodger said: “One thing that really does go back centuries is the feast pudding, which we’ll be having a competition for as well.

“It’s a bread pudding that is slow cooked for hours.

“The event is all about the harvest festival, keeping our heritage alive, and providing something for the community.

Proceeds will go back to local groups like the sports field and the restoration of St Margaret’s Church.

“And of course we’ll have information and some exhibits about the old Crick treacle mines as well.”