Time for some Comic Relief

Children from Staverton Primary School on Red Nose Day in 2005.
Children from Staverton Primary School on Red Nose Day in 2005.

On Friday people across the nation have be doing all sorts of activities to raise money for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day.

Here are some children from Staverton Primary School on Red Nose Day in 2005. They are Molly Green and Finn Mullee, who were dousing their teacher Zoe Candelin in baked beans. Each of the pupils paid 50p to tip beans over one of two teachers who had volunteered (or been volunteered) to take on the challenge. There was also a barrel roll through the town centre with teams of three taking on the task of shifting a beer barrel around six of the town’s watering holes, taking advantage of free beer on the way!

Looking back to past headlines

March 10, 2005

Work got under way on Daventry’s new £26 million state-of-the-art community hospital. Builders moved onto the site of Danetre Hospital off London Road. The hospital was to be built under a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme by the Daventry Primary Care Trust, and was to include room for 28 patients, a therapy services suite, outpatients care, and out-of-hours

service, podiatry and dentistry, day surgery, and digital X-ray facilities. The building work was expected to take around 15 months with the whole project set to be finished by the end of 2006.

March 15, 1990

Daventry District Council started looking at a scheme to attract new workers into the district. The area was suffering from a shortage of workers that was impacting on local businesses. Officers said the ‘right to buy’ scheme had impacted on the availability of homes, and low wages and a lack of job security meant some people felt uneasy buying a house locally just as they started a new job. The council decided to look into buying up homes chosen by new workers, and then selling at least half of the property to them in a form of shared ownership, similar to a scheme operating in Banbury.

March 14, 1975

Residents of Woodford Halse appealed for action after sections of their village once again flooded. A river of rain water and mud extended along Pool Street in the village all the way up to the social club. Residents said all the relevant authorities knew about the problem, and they were all trying to pass the buck. This part of the village had always been vulnerable to flooding, but villagers said a new building site had dug ditches, draining straight into the road culvert, adding up to two inches of water to the drain which also drained Pool Street. DDC said money had been reserved for drainage improvements.