Theatre hosts a pair of dark comedies

Siobhan O'Kelly and Steven Blakely in The Private Ear
Siobhan O'Kelly and Steven Blakely in The Private Ear

The Private Ear The Public Eye at Milton Keynes Theatre.

Two one act plays designed to show the differences in love during the 1960s.

The Private Ear sees nervous Bob ask for help from cocksure Ted for his date with Doreen. The Public Eye sees a man hire a detective to spy on his much younger wife.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the second of these is much better but both shows would have thrived better with judicious editing.

But that’s not to take away from a splendid cast, particularly Steven Blakely and Siobhan O’Kelly who star in both pieces who have to retain a large and heavy script.

And while the physical jokes and the transfo rmation between the two plays did get a laugh, there were sadly far too fewer jokes throughout both of the shows and the audience was left wanting a little more.

Review by Steve Mills

The plays are performed until Saturday. For tickets call 0844 871 7652 or visit