The South rises again

The South
The South

A Daventry born singer’s band will be starting a UK tour coming to Milton Keynes next month.

Former William Parker School pupil Alison Wheeler, fronts the band borne from the ashes of The Beautiful South who had a string of hits throughout the 1990s.

The tour, which starts on Monday will be coming to The Stables at Milton Keynes on Wednesday.

Alison told the Daventry Express: “It is a really nice sociable tour for us apart from the first week when we are performing throughout the week.

“But the rest of the time, the gigs will be on a Thursday to Sunday when you tend to get people more ready to enjoy the music and their night out.

“It is a perfect for me as a mum because I can play mum in the week and then get to be a pop star at the weekends.

“We will be going everywhere from Inverness to Plymouth and everything in between.”

The tour called Sweet Remains is based on the CD which was released at the end of last year.

Alison said: “It will give a proper chance for us to take the album out on the road.

“We are all looking forward to the tour, even though I will be the only girl on the tour and the bus tends to get a little messy towards the end.

“But they are all a great bunch of guys, we get on very well and have a great laugh.”

The band have also been looking at the same genre of music which gave The Beautiful South hits such as Rotterdam, Perfect 10 and A Little Time.

Alison added: “I think we will always look to write intelligent pop music, we aren’t going to suddenly release a rhythm and blues or a drum and bass album.

“I think this is where all of us as writers feel most comfortable.

“But when we are out on the tour, we will be performing a couple of songs from the new album alongside some of the classic songs.

The closest gig to Alison’s home town will be the one in Milton Keynes - and is the one she is most nervous about.

Alison said: “I find the gigs closest to home the most nerve-wracking because you have got family and friends in the audience.

“I am far more nervous about performing in front of my mum and dad than I am in front of an audience of 60,000 people.”

But she is looking forward to bringing the tour to the venue.

“The Stables is a lovely venue. It is all seated but it has been designed acoustically to really enhance the sound so it should be a really good.

“We have performed there a couple of times and have had a good reaction.”

The group already has big plans with a single, Pigeonhole, set to be released on October 14.

Alison said: “We have got a fantastic agent who has managed to get us some greats. At the beginning of next year, we will be going all over Europe and then we will be into festival season.

“We are starting to get a lot interest in the band and the next year should be really good. It is very exciting.”

She is hoping for a big attendance at The Stables in Milton Keynes.

Alison added: “I think people will probably be surprised about the amount of songs that they will actually know. There will be a really good atmosphere and you will have a great time.”

Tickets for the show cost £24 and can be booked by calling the box office on 01908 280800 or visit

For further information about the band and its tour, visit