The Quiet Ones - review

The Quiet Ones
The Quiet Ones
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In the latest of its revived films, Hammer continue the direction with The Woman in Black, with another story of ghosts and ghouls.

The Quiet Ones sees a university professor carrying out experiments on a young girl named Jane Harper in an attempt to create a poltergeist.

But unlike The Woman in Black, where the unease permeated throughout the film adding to the uncomfortable and scary atmosphere, this had pretty much none of that.

This film is slow. Even for a ghost story, it is slow. But were the pace, or lack of it, can add to the escalating tension, this was simply vast swathes of people talking in language that no-one outside a paranormal expert can understand with a few jumpy bits thrown in.

The only person who feels remotely human is Sam Claflin’s Brian McNeil. He plays the cameraman drawn into the investigations. He is the only character to go on a journey which anyone can empathise with. Jared Harris’ Professor is about as trustworthy as a politician, even when he is trying to be kind while poor Erin Richards who I think exists just to wear a lack of clothing is a stereotype on every single level, and one normally associated with horror films.s

It is however a well produced film and the 1974 setting is beautifully realised. It’s a very well shot film and some of the effects are not at all bad. The scares when they do come are reasonably effective but sadly there is not enough them to make this a truly nerve jangling experience.

This film is very difficult to recommend to anyone but a die-hard horror enthusiast. And even then it is sadly not a classic of its genre.

The Quiet Ones is currently being shown at Cineworld in Northampton