The Mousetrap at Milton Keynes Theatre - review

MHDE'Milton Keynes Theatre'The Mousetrap
MHDE'Milton Keynes Theatre'The Mousetrap
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AS PART of its 60th anniversary, West End smash hit The Mousetrap goes out on tour for the first time.

It follows the pattern of many a Christie whodunnit. A cut off country house from nowhere, a cast of eccentric and odd characters and then one of them gets murdered.

This show, aside from it’s long West End run, is most famous for its surprise twist ending when it reveals the murderer.

However, given thenumbers of years and parodies that have passed since its debut, it’s a twist that perhaps is not as shocking. However the traditional epilogue of the cast asking tpeople not to reveal the secret is a lovely touch.

The other joy about watching her work is a rebellion against naturalistic acting which dominates our TV screens. There is nothing better than watching fine actors ham it up and enjoying themselves.

There are some particularly delightful moments from Steven France who plays the flamboyant Christopher Wren who’s lightness of touch helps to lighten a dark subject matter. Also of note is the experienced Karl Howman playing the unexpected guest Mr Paravacini who is deliciously macabre and funny rolled into one.

As a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s novels and plays, it is wonderful to see another example of her tight and tense plotting and the use of the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice is simply genius.

But just because the ending doesn’t have the same shock value as 60-years-ago doesn’t make this any the less enjyable. But as the twist is so famous, I might as well reveal that the killer is... well, that would be telling wouldn’t it? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Review by Steve Mills

The Mousetrap will be end at Milton Keynes Theatre on Saturday. For tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit