The joy of the Playground

Musician Jacob Bush
Musician Jacob Bush

A DAVENTRY musician has released his debut EP consisting of six songs.

Jacob Bush, 18, has produced Playground which was available from Monday.

Speaking to the Daventry Express, Jacob said: “I wanted to call it Playground because when you are a child and you are on a playground, you don’t have a care in the world and there’s a real joy in that.

“When you are an adult, you have to deal with issues of relationships or jobs, and I wanted to use this as a way of getting back to those good times.

“I am really pleased with the EP. There’s a song called Save Me which we recorded after we selected the tracks to go on the EP. But we all liked it so much that we decided to swap it for something else.”

The new EP, which he has been working on for the past year, is a mixture of six songs with a wide range of styles which Jacob says is key to his identity as an artist.

He added: “There’s some pop, R ‘n’ B and a bit of hip-hop and reggae in the EP.

There are a lot of different styles that I play but I hope what I have done is used those styles to develop my own unique sound and style as a musician.

He also relies on his friends and the people around him to influence his music rather than more established artists.

Jacob said: “When you see musicians interviewed, they are often influenced by famous musicians and I am no different.

“But I have people around me that I am very influenced by. My manager is always motivating me and there’s a friend of mine called Jakeyboi, who is a big influence.

“After the EP is released, I’ll be looking to play some music festivals during the summer.”

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