Terry calls in at town’s festival

mhde daventry arts festival photos
mhde daventry arts festival photos
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DAVENTRY Arts Festival kicks off on Monday with big names appearing throughout the week.

Humanitarian and author Terry Waite comes to the iCon centre in Eastern Way on Tuesday. He will be in conversation with his cousin John Waite and Sir John Tusa for a talk called Daventry Calling: Celebrating the World Service originally broadcast from Borough Hill.

Speaking to the Daventry Express, Mr Waite said: “I’ve been a great supporter of the World Service over the years, it’s brought huge benefits to me and many other people.

“I travelled the world as assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the number of head of states who listened to the World Service was quite remarkable.

“They knew they would get a good standard of honest reporting, and these standards are still in place today.”

His cousin John used the BBC World Service to get messages through to Terry while he was held hostage in Beirut.

Terry added: “It’s a great shame that a number of services have now been cut, but I will be giving a talk in Daventry to support the service and everything it does. It’s a big part of Daventry’s history and hopefully it can be a big part of the town’s future.

“When I was in captivity I had a radio for the last few months. But before that I had no contact with the outside world for more than four years, and that highlighted to me how important services such as this are to people.”

Other highlights of Daventry Arts Festival include the Best of the Leicester Comedy Festival, Comedy in the Dark at The Square on Wednesday, drama in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the Methodist Church Hall on Thursday, July 21.

Friday will see A Cartoon History of Here with poet Ian McMillan and Private Eye cartoonist Tony Husband at the Saxon Suite of Daventry Leisure Centre.

Tickets for Daventry Calling cost £10.20 and can be booked by calling 01327 828391. For more information on the festival visit www.daventryfirst.co.uk.