Shaping up for success

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A TEENAGE artist is seeing his hard work pay off after his sculpture was selected for an exhibition in London.

Matthew Lewis, 19, currently has his ‘granny’ sculpture on display at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.

The project has involved him sketching ‘a granny a day’ while he catches the bus to college, and he has now turned the drawings into a sculpture.

It’s one of only 25 exhibits on display at the gallery. The work will be there until tomorrow (Friday).

Matthew, from Weedon, said: “I’ve been working on this project since September and it’s ongoing, eventually it will be a full lifesize sculpture.

“I’ve had a few exhibits on display around Rugby and Northampton but it’s the first time I’ve exhibited in London.

“I was contacted through the Fabelist Magazine, which aims to give artists a platform on which to showcase their work.

“The people involved saw my work in Rugby and as a result it was eventually selected for this exhibition.

“It’s great that other people can enjoy my work after I’ve put so much effort in.

“I went down on Friday last week when the exhibition opened and the feedback and response has been really good so far.”