Santa’s Rooftop Scramble - review

Santa's Rooftop Scramble
Santa's Rooftop Scramble

Santa’s Rooftop Scramble, by Ravensbuger. - Review by Daniel Chalmers, aged 12.

This is a new fun family game where the objective is to be the first Santa to deliver all of their presents to the correct house numbers.

But first you have to spin the wheel and see where it lands. This helps you collect the right gifts before making your way around the board to deliver them to the children.

The winner is the person who can do this first.

Between two and six people can play at one time and it is perfect for anyone aged five and over.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking for a Christmas-themed board game. It includes six different colour Santa playing pieces, a dice, a cool spinner, letter boxes, present tokens, gameboard and three different packs of cards with instructions.

It is a very good game that all ages would enjoy and isn’t too complicated or drawn out.

Ten copies of Santa’s Rooftop Scramble can be won in the Daventry Express this week. Don’t miss out.