Review - The Woman in Black at Milton Keynes Theatre

It has been running in the West End and touring around the UK for decades but the show retains its ability to spook its audience.

The Woman in Black tells the story of a solicitor who is asked to attend a funeral for a client who has died and to go through her personal effects. But the more time he spends near the house, the more he is spooked by the woman in black.

While the show is synonymous with scaring every bone in your body, it is easy to forget that its opening half hours contain far more laughs than scares.

But comedy and horror and perfect bedfellows and the humour gives the show a reality than when the scares do kick in, you know it is all for real. And the only laughter left was that by the audience nervously giggling at their own terror.

Review by Steve Mills.

The Woman in Black can be seen until Saturday. For tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit