Review of personal training at Whittlebury Hall

The team of personal trainers are some of the finest trainers in the region, and together with the state-of-the-art gymnasium equipment, they are set up to offer the very best advice and fitness regimes!

On arrival I met my instructor Hayley who was fantastic and had my blood pressure taken and filled in my medical form, a tailor made programme had been created for the specific areas I wanted to work on.

Hayley was fantastic and talked me through each machine and the ways in which to use it, we started off on the bike then moved to the rowing machine, working in short fast bursts then reducing the speed to a slightly more-than-comfortable pace.

Hayley then showed me how to use the vibrating plate machine whilst doing a number of squats. We worked on the chest press and repeated this sequence a number of times for the best results.

We then used the separate cardio area which is great if you feel self conscious as it is quite secluded and you can train as you need to using weights and a selection of benches.

The gym equipment is very modern,with settings such as free-view TV, Bluetooth headphones an outdoor setting and much more. It is large and spacious and has a vast selection of equipment and more than one of each machine. I really enjoyed the work out and having the support of the trainer really helped, I could feel the effects the next day!

The personal training session was perfect for kick starting my motivation and introducing me to different and more beneficial ways to train as well.

If you are looking for a way to kick start the fitness in 2015 this is a great way to do it.

Review by Natalie Bell.

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