Review - Dead Simple at Milton Keynes Theatre

Rik Makarem and Tina Hobley make a gruesome discovery
Rik Makarem and Tina Hobley make a gruesome discovery

A stag do prank gone wrong is the start of an intense crime drama.

Dead Simple tells the story of Michael Harrison, a man who has it all, a fiancee, unimaginable wealth and fast cars. But when he is left trapped in a coffin after a prank goes wrong, it becomes a deadly race against time to find him before he dies.

The same creative team from last year’s successful adaptation of The Perfect Murder return alongside an all star cast.

Like last time, the plot is incredibly tense and just when you think you have a handle on exactly what is going on, someone will come out with a left field revelation that leaves you stunned.

Full marks must go to Tina Hobley in particular for her role in the show. She goes through a vast array of emotions in the role of the tormented love interest and her character is compelling to watch in the best possible way. She is ably supported by Jamie Lomas who is put through the wringer as Michael Harrison.

A quick word for the set which is incredibly clever and well designed allowing some of the more ambitious sequences to be effectively realised.

For me, it wasn’t quite as good as last time’s The Perfect Murder but is still a decent night of entertainment. For fans of crime drama, one that can be recommended.

Dead Simple can be seen at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday. For tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit