Review: Basket Case at Royal and Derngate, Northampton

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THERE is plenty of laughs to be had as this original comedy with TV star Nigel Havers comes to the stage.

The story of a divorced couple who come together as their pet dog Toby is on his last legs. However, the pair find their feelings for each other have not quite gone away.

While Havers is the most well known name in the show, it is more of an ensemble piece and everyone stands out. Christine Kavanagh makes for a strong and funny woman, who’s response to any crisis is to consult Delia and make blueberry and pecan muffins. Without the blueberries or pecans.

There should be plenty of plaudits for David Cardy and Graham Seed who both make a strong impressions in a very odd couple kind of way.

The story though is mainly about the love between man and his supposed best friend, the dog. Without wishing to spoil the ending for anyone, Havers performance in the final scene is a perfect mixture of tragedy and comedy.

Interviewing Havers prior to the show, he described comedy as a terrifying process mainly because he was not sure whether people would laugh at Basket Case. With plenty of laughter from the audience and people going home with smiles on their face, I think Havers will have an answer to his dilemma.

Review by Steve Mills.

Basket Case is on stage until Saturday September 24. To book tickets for the show, call the box office on 01604 624811 or visit