Review: Alarms and Excursions at Milton Keynes Theatre

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ANYONE expecting a barrel full of laughs for this latest production will not be disappointed.

Alarms and Excursions by Michael Frayn tells eight plays, several characters and some very funny situations usually as simple as two people in the same room.

Given Frayn wrote the high farce and big laughs of Noises Off, you would expect something similar from this. But this is a more thoughtful piece about the relationship between men and women and their frustration with modern technology which is supposed to make our lives easier.

The highlight was the first and last of the mini plays called Alarms and Immobiles respectively. The first is about the noises made by gadgets in a modern-day home and is probably the closest to Noises Off in providing farce. The last is about the problems people had before the mobile phone came along which probably gained the biggest laughs of the night.

There is plenty of comedy gold in the other plays and it says a lot for the performances of Robert Daws, Belinda Lang, Aden Gillet and Serena Evans that their performances are remarkably different in each play.

I would happily recommend Alarms and Excursions to anyone looking for a laugh this week. And by the end of the show, you might be grateful to have a mobile.

Alarms and Excursions will be played at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday July 16. To book tickets, call the box office on 0844 871 7652.