PICTURED: Ten beautiful lakes and reservoirs in Northamptonshire perfect for relaxing walks

Northamptonshire might be far from the sea, but its rivers, lakes and reservoirs are a sight to behold.

Although the weather is not making June feel much like summer, it is still good to get out in the fresh air so many of us will be wondering where to go for a ‘summer’ stroll.

Besides its undulating countryside, Northamptonshire is filled with charming lakes and reservoirs perfect for an afternoon out, wandering around and admiring the views. Although, ramblers are warned to never enter open water, unless during an organised session, where safety measures are in place.

Here, we count down ten pretty pools of water near our town for some (hopefully) sunny inspiration.

Do you have a favourite lake or pond you like to visit in Northamptonshire? Email [email protected].

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