Nostalgia: Going postal

The post office workers
The post office workers

Here are the staff who worked at Daventry’s Post Office in the early 1950s.

This photo was taken in the old post office yard, located off the top of Sheaf Street.

The buildings on the left of this photo have since been demolished and replaced by the rear of Foundry Walk.

The buildings to the right still stand and are now houses.

The buildings and archway to the rear of the photo are the back of those properties that faced onto Sheaf Street – they too have long since disappeared from the street scene.

Past headlines

March 29, 1990

Daventry’s planning committee turned down major plans for land near junction 18 of the M1 at Crick. The plans included a distribution park, business park, fast food outlet, motel and hotel, with the potential to bring 4,000 new jobs to the area. Several councillors voiced concerns over the impact of increased traffic in the area, particularly without any road improvements. Others said the jobs would bring little local benefit, as many would live outside the district. They did support part of the plan – building a regional agricultural centre at the site – but said other development should be kept to a minimum.

March 28, 1975

The Government stepped in to cap the increase on Daventry District Council’s share of the council tax. The authority had planned to hike rates by 13.6 per cent, but Westminster had said rises should be within its guideline of five per cent. A local government minister told the House of Commons that Daventry had ‘no excuse’ for its planned rise. The council had already had the higher rate bills printed and sent out, and the cap would mean the council facing not only a loss from the lower increase, but also from having to pay out again for the printing and posting of the new bills.

March 24, 2005

Daventry’s MP Arthur Jones warned local taxpayers they could be faced with a huge bill to complete the town’s new road system. A series of new main roads had been built and more were planned for Daventry, along with improvements to existing roads. Until this time the government had stumped up grants for specific road schemes, but now it was planning on switching to a lump sum given to the county council. The plans for Daventry included £2 million on main roads, and a further £2.5 million on roads to kick-start the development of the northern side of the town.