Non Stop - Film review

Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore in Non Stop. PA Photo/Studio Canal.
Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore in Non Stop. PA Photo/Studio Canal.

A wicked combination of country house murder mystery and tension aboard a plane in the latest Liam Neeson action thriller.

The cynics among you might simply think this is Taken set on a plane, but it is far more than that, playing out like a combination of Agatha Christie’s Death in the Clouds and the Jodie Foster film Flightplan.

Neeson plays Bill Marks, an air marshall with a drink problem who is sent messages by a mysterious passenger demanding $150 million dollars into his bank account or someone will die every 20 minutes.

Reading interviews with Liam Neeson, he talked about how he selected his film roles. He stated that when he reads a script, if he goes to make a cup of tea after the first 10 minutes of reading the script, he turns it down. With the case if Non Stop, he said he never put the screenplay down from start to finish.

And you can see why. Neeson’s character is a complex mess of emotions, trying to stay resolutely strong despite the increasing despair among his fellow passengers.

He is helped out by a supporting cast including the reliable Julianne Moore playing the complex Jen and the overworked Michelle Dockery who swaps period frocks for thrills as air steward Nancy.

It is a credit to pretty much all of the cast that they don’t overplay the situation. It would have been very easy for the film to have descended into Airplane style silliness but all of the cast, aided by Jaume Collet-Serra’s direction, help keeps the tension.

If you were to be picky, there are more plot holes and unanswered questions than emergency exits but this is a brilliant thriller. One that is likely to keep its audience on the edge of its seat throughout as the clues slowly start unravelling and builds to a finale racked with tension.

Overall, Non Stop was an enjoyable ride and a journey worth going on.

Non Stop can be seen at Cineworld in Northampton