Nicola on the road in farce

MHDE'One for the Road
MHDE'One for the Road

Former Clocking Off actress Nicola Stephenson performs in One for the Road which is staged starting tomorrow (Friday February 1).

She appears at Royal and Derngate in Northampton in the farce which has been written by Shirley Valentine author, Willy Russell. Best known for being one half of a lesbian kiss in soap opera Brookside, Nicola said: “It is quite exciting to do some theatre, that’s where I go to get some soul food. It is nice to work on something and have rehearsal time.

“You barely get any rehearsal time on television now, if any. It is normally stand there and hit your marks. It is nice to discover a character through a rehearsal.

“And it is really nice to be working with a small cast and a director.”

She was also full of praise for the show and feels it will be a fun night out for all concerned.

“This is a lovely show, it reminds me a lot of my parents’ time and is very silly and very daft, very much my sense of humour. It’s set in 1985 as one of the character turns 40 and there are lots of jokes about tupperware.

“The central character Dennis longs for the day of being a hippy and enjoying the music of Bob Dylan.

“It reminds me a lot of my time growing up in the north and my parents, so it was very nostalgic.

“However it has got real heart behind it as well.”

It is a first time for experience in the show.

Nicola said: “It is a venue I have never performed at before, but the Royal stage is absolutely lovely, it has been really well created and it is one I can’t wait to perform on.

“Northampton is nice although I haven’t seen that much of it. I have been commuting in on the train from London but it has a very nice train station.”

When asked about her long career working on numberous television dramas, she picks out two of her favourite parts.

Nicola added: “I really enjoyed working on Clocking Off and it was wonderfully written by Danny Brocklehurst who is one of the best writers in the country.

“I also really enjoyed the part I had in Homefront shown last year. It was a part about four army wives and I got to play quite a formidable woman, which was good.

“But I have nothing lined up after this so will just see what comes along.”

And she hopes people will come away feeling warm after seeing One for the Road.

Nicola said: “It is a really good night out, it won’t finish too late. It’s a funny show but it is one that will make you feel nostalgic.”

One For The Road is performed until Saturday February 23. Tickets are priced from £13 to £28 . Call 01604 624811 or visit