Music festival hits Rugby

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White Men Can’t Funk will be one of 16 bands coming to a music festival in Rugby on Sunday.

Rugby Music Festival will come to Caldecott Park at the free event which promises to have eight hours of live music.

White Men Can’t Funk are the headline act of the festival and were formed in 2011 with members of various Rugby-based rock/metal bands.

However the members quickly set about writing original material and learning some of the most ridiculous songs ever written.

There will be live music from Jazz Morley, Stonefire, Kirsty Gallagher, Peeless Pirates, Hollie Aires, Fitz, Impact Dance, James Herring, Nurse Roberts and the Medicine Men, Paper Street Soap Company, Dirty Pool, The Vocal Zone, Liquid Insanity and Me and My Shadow. The is also a guest acoustic slot from Liam Jarvis.

Entrance to the park starts at 10am with recorded music starting at 11am. The first live act will be on the stage at 11.40am. The music ends at 7.30pm.

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