Making the rounds in Long Buckby in the 1970s

editorial image

Our older readers might recognise the type of vehicle being pulled by this horse in a photo from 1976.

It shows Northamptonshire’s last horse-drawn milk float which at that point worked a route around Long Buckby.

Milkman Les Hales said he didn’t switch to a more modern vehicle because with a horse he never had to worry about the engine starting and stopping, especially when stops on his route could be within a few feet of each other. He also said his horse needed no words of command for when to start or stop any more, and that being a farmer he could get fodder far cheaper then petrol.

This picture was taken because Niki Chown, pictured, had just moved to the village from Oadby near Leicester, where their milkmen used more modern transport methods.

She was surprised to see a horse still being used, but said it was lovely to see and that the horse was very friendly to everyone.