Lysette Anthony stars in Agatha Christie classic

MHDE'Lysette Anthony'Go Back For Murder
MHDE'Lysette Anthony'Go Back For Murder

AN ENSEMBLE cast including Lysette Anthony will feature in a classic from the queen of crime at Milton Keynes Theatre.

She stars alongside Liza Goddard and Robert Duncan in Go Back For Murder.

Lysette said: “I play Elsa Greer who is a vicious woman and I am loving playing this absolutely vile character.

“But we all have secrets and they get unveiled throughout the play.

“It is a great company and I am having such a good time. The more I work with Liza Goddard and Robert Duncan, the more determined we are to turn it into a comedy with each performance, but it is superbly written.

Lysette, a familiar face on TV screens and films, says the tour is going well.

She added: “There is a little bit of nerves from the audience who are not sure whether to be laughing at the show. But by the end, people are laughing a lot.

“We want people to be roaring with laughter, come along and have a laugh.

“The only down side going out on tour for a long time is that I don’t get to see my son that often which is one of the tougher aspects of being a single mum but I’ll get to see him again soon.”

One of her first television roles was on the series Auf Wiederhesen, Pet, in which she played Christa who end up marrying Wayne.

Lysette said: “It was a series I did a long time ago and we were all very young and just starting out then. I had no idea that it would turn out to be a classic drama series. To me, it was just another job.

“But it did launch a lot of people’s careers and I am very grateful for it.

“I have been very lucky in that I have had some great parts, working with people such as Woody Allen and the Dracula film I did. And I am a having a whale of a time playing this part.”

Go Back For Murder will be performed from Monday, July 8 to Saturday, July 13.

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