Luxurious spa splendour at Whittlebury Hall

Whittlebury Hall
Whittlebury Hall
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I recently attended the Day Spa at Whittlebury Hall, this being my first visit I was impressed by the quality and range of treatments available.

The staff on arrival were friendly and helpful , giving myself and other visitors a comprehensive tour and describing an incredible range of treatments.

My first treatment was a massage featuring a ‘nectarine burst and sweet honey glaze’ which smelled delicious. The massage was ideal for releasing tension or knots and was the perfect way to relax and unwind.

I then tried one of Whittlebury’s skin specific facials. These are tailored to specific skin needs. Combined with a second massage this soon sent me to sleep!

Next I tried the heat and ice experience. This features cold pools and steam rooms which leave you feeling refreshed.

The heated beds in the whisper area are perfect to relax in between treatments or after using the hydrotherapy pool, while a two course buffet included in the package offers plenty of choice.

All in all the day left me feeling like a different person, relaxed and totally stress free. If you would like to book a day at the spa, visit