“Affectionate” senior cat is searching for a loving home in Northamptonshire

Could you be the one to take home 15-year-old Nellie?

By Megan Hillery
Saturday, 9th January 2021, 6:27 pm
Updated Saturday, 9th January 2021, 6:32 pm

Fifteen-year-old Nellie was brought into the care of RSPCA Northamptonshire by an inspector as an unclaimed stray and she is now looking to spend the remainder of her years in a loving local home.

Nellie is described as the perfect ‘lap cat’, ‘wonderfully affectionate’ and ‘loves company.

A spokesperson for RSPCA Northamptonshire said: “She has an endearing habit of giving her carers a peck on the cheek - well, little love bites really but she doesn’t break the skin!”

Nellie, 15, is a senior cat looking for a loving home in Northamptonshire.

The senior cat is in good health for a feline of her years but the RSPCA branch informed us that she does have a few minor issues.

Nellie is taking a daily supplement to help her with her joints and she has a weepy eye, which her vet does not believe is a cause for concern. She has additionally had geriatric blood tests and the results revealed no immediate concerns but could indicate early renal disease, which is common in older cats.

Potential homes for Nellie could have older sensible children or even another cat, if introduced correctly.

You can register your interest in adopting Nellie by filling out this online application form from RSPCA Northamptonshire.