Historic and sacred piece to be performed at church

Fiori Musicali
Fiori Musicali

The Priory Church at Canons Ashby will be resounding to pre-Easter music with a concert from Fiori Musicali’s choir.

The choir will perform one of the most sacred pieces of music ever written, Allegri’s Miserere on Friday April 3.

This hauntingly beautiful piece of music was a secret of the Sistine Chapel in Rome for well over 100 years.

Written in the early 17th century, the music soon acquired a cloak of mystery, because the church authorities would not allow anyone to make a copy of the piece, or to perform it anywhere else except in the Pope’s chapel. However, a 14-year-0ld Mozart heard the piece, memorised it and the secret was no longer safe.

The concert is part of Fiori’s residency at the National Trust at Canons Ashby. Laura Malpas said: “From the traditions of the wandering minstrels through to the glorious music of the Renaissance, Fiori Musicali create music of transcendent beauty, performed with integrity by superb musicians in the finest classical tradition. Tickets and further information is available from the Fiori Musicali Box Office by calling 01327 360931, or by visiting www.fiori-musicali.com. The concert begins at 7.30pm