Highway into history

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TRANSPORT and communications have modern connotations, but this image shows their importance goes back into our past.

The photo, from the Daventry Express archives and dating back to 100-plus years ago, is labelled as ‘London Road’ and was taken in what was known as Road Weedon.

It shows the view from what are now the A5/A45 crossroads south.

Back then the road in the picture swept round the bend to become the road to Daventry with two roads (one heading north and the other to Flore) joining to the left of this image, rather than the current layout.

The ivy-covered building to the left is now the Crossroads Hotel.

Despite being a major route, even back then, the road, and pavements, are effectively just earth.

Of note are the vast telegraph poles marching along both sides of the road carrying huge numbers of wires.

There is also a smaller post in the front right, which could be a form of street lighting.