High Schools Rocks review, by Amanda Parry

FANS of many contemporary teenage musicals were in for a treat as High School Rocks appeared on the stage at Northampton on Sunday.

The show was very energetic from start to finish which was fantastic and well choreographed if you are a fan of High School Musical, Glee, Camp Rock no matter what your age. This is well worth going to see as there is a good selection of songs performances from all of the programmes mentioned above.

This was an all singing and dancing extravaganza, as hits from the shows were all bunched together and not jumping between the different musicals.

The performers were very good at making the audience feel relaxed and wanting to join in they also involved a few children on stage which was good to see.

It was the end of a UK tour wide on the Derngate stage and it was a fantastic way to bring this show to an end.