Gravity - Film review

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A tale of space and terror but not one you would expect in this dramatic film.

Gravity tells the story of two astronauts (George Clooney and Sandra Bullock) who are left in trouble when a Russian missile strike on a defuncy satellite has created a debris cloud heading straight for the crew’s current position.

Time for a confession, I’m not a big fan of 3D films as I feel it is a gimmick use by marketing men to get punters to shell out a little bit of extra money.

But in the case of Gravity, it is very definitely worth it.

Director Alfonso Cuaron and his production team create a mighty space spectacle which looks incredibly beautiful and cinematic. As you would expect, the big budget busting special effects showcased in the trailer look incredibly impressive but the smaller moments also look stunning. This is a film which simply would have nowhere near the same impact in 2D.

But this doesn’t mean the film is lacking in substance. Sandra Bullock’s nervous first timer who grows steadily throughout all of the trauma she suffers gives Gravity an emotional depth which is lacking in many science-fiction films. Bullock’s performance is a contrast to George Clooney’s charismatic experienced astronaut.

The story and plot are arguably a little thin and there are one or two contrivances which are a little difficult to swallow if you fully analysed the film but it takes nothing away from the film.

Coming in at a tightly packed 90 minutes, Gravity with its strong central performances and brilliant special effects is a contender for one of the best films made this year.

Review by Steve Mills

Gravity was released on Friday and can be seen at your local Cineworld