God of Carnage at the Royal and Derngate, Northampton - Review

MHDE'Sian Reeves and Melaine Gutteridge
MHDE'Sian Reeves and Melaine Gutteridge
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A PLAY with just four people on stage throughout is not the usual recipe for a farce.

But God of Carnage, which sees two sets of parents bought together after their boys have a fight, is a modern day farce full of the little troubles of life.

All four of the characters start off perfectly relaxed, pleasant, if a little awkward as neither is sure what to say to the other.

And from there, when the drink starts flowing and the words get more inflammatory, the characters transform from middle class surburbanites to squabbling like their children.

The show is a credit to Sian Reeves and Melanie Gutteridge, (pictured left) who, alongside James Doherty and Simon Wilson are on stage for most of the hour-and-a-half on stage.

The characters’ gradual transformations are a delight to watch and all of the actors have their comedic and touching moments.

Indeed this is a very funny show amd one that deliberates from witty statements to the outright slapstick of seeing a woman throw up all over the stage.

But given the farcical nature of this show, there is no interval, and it allows the tension and hysteria among the cast to build perfectly with nothing interrupting the flow.

This show perfectly encapsulates the troubles of modern day life.

Review by Steve Mills

God of Carnage will be performed until Saturday, November 10. For tickets call the box office on 01604 624811 or visit www.royalandderngate.co.uk