Frozen (PG) – Review

Frozen is based very loosely on the Hans Christian Andersen story The Snow Queen, which has been rewritten to focus on two royal sisters and given a punchy new title.

The heroines are Elsa, heir to the throne of Arendelle, and her sister Anna. Elsa, the elder of the two, is a closeted sorceress who can summon snow and ice at will, and who is forced to flee the castle when her powers are revealed.

It falls to Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, to gallop into the wilderness and retrieve her sister from frosty seclusion. Anna is joined on her journey by a woodsman, a reindeer and a talking snowman called Olaf whose trials and tribulations culminate in the desired feel good way. Olaf provides the expected comic relief as the hapless snowman with a big heart. He dreams of a life in the sun - but who dares tell him the consequences? Elsa and Anna are Disney princesses through and through and this is a Disney movie at its magical best. A perfect Christmas outing for all the family.

Review by Amanda Chalmers.