What's our Daventry columnist got a Bee in Her Bonnet about this week?

Here's Daventry mother Kirsty Beeson with her latest column.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 1:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 1:26 pm
Kirsty Beeson.

Two weeks ago I decided to go into town to meet a friend inside a coffee shop; I was very excited because yes, we can now go inside.

We sat and caught up with recent events, sipping our coffees and really enjoying the freedom, like a tiny holiday.

This abruptly ended when I remembered that I had parked in Bowen Square and it was just over two hours previous, I had read the new sign and had even downloaded the app.

You get two glorious hours for free before you have to start paying and of course I had forgotten.

I hurriedly said goodbye and raced outside muttering some quite unprintable words, got into my car and went home.

Low and behold this week I received a parking fine for £60, as I had overstayed the two hours free period by 16 minutes and I hadn’t paid for any extra. Now, let’s not think for one moment that I wasn’t cross, I really was, but who was I cross with? Myself! That’s who.

The rules were quite plainly laid out; there are several signs with instructions and costs. I have known about the charges for a couple of weeks now. So yes, absolutely gutted at myself for spending £63.45 on a blooming latte!

Since my fine I have heard many moans about the parking and I get the sense that many others are incensed, but are aiming their anger towards the owners. Why? There seems to be a general understanding that, due to this new parking regulation at Bowen Square, people are being turned out of the car-park immediately at two hours or a fine ensues. No. That is not the case. You can stay as long as you like as long as you pay. Your shopping time has not been limited.

Don’t get me wrong, it is frustrating that we may be fined if we forget, but it is down to us. Some people have expressed the concern that not everyone has access to the app.

Please read the sign, other ways to pay are on there. If we travelled to other towns and came across car-parks with their own rules we would not blink an eye, we would drive about until something suitable was found. This app payment for parking has been cropping up all over the country in recent years; I often come across it when we visit the beach or tourist attractions, so it isn’t a new thing, just new to Daventry

Change is different, sometimes not what you want, but you always have the choice to embrace it. Parking so close to our shops is really quite a privilege.

I must, however, end with a thank you to one lady on social media this week. You changed my view on how the current car-parking rule can be seen as discriminatory.

By not having any concession for blue badge holders it will possibly make life more difficult for those who need that extra time to prepare their day. This I do agree with and can absolutely stand by those affected.

Bee aware