Eco-friendly village shop opens near Northampton with zero packaging

Navneet and Lindsay Singh with shopper Helen Labraham.
Navneet and Lindsay Singh with shopper Helen Labraham.

A husband and wife duo have opened one of the first packaging-free village shops in Northamptonshire.

Lindsay and Navneet Singh opened 'Re' in their home village of Flore on Friday (16 August), selling a wide range of dried foods, spices, coffee and cleaning products, which customers can take home in their own containers.

The idea for their eco-friendly project was first conceived not long after they met ten years ago in Navneet’s native India, where, they said, recycling has long been considered a valuable tool in protecting the environment.

Lindsay said: “When we lived in Amritsar, avoiding waste was a way of life, with fruit, veg and store cupboard items all bought loose.

"We found that really hard to maintain when we when moved back to England because there’s so much plastic and unnecessary wrapping on products that just do not need it."

Earlier this year the pair went on holiday in Scotland and noticed a shop doing something similar, which inspired them to open their own store.

"When the premises next door came up for sale just a few weeks later we saw it as serendipitous and decided to give it a go," Lindsay added.

“We’re by no means eco-warriors but it’s something we really believe in.

"If we can encourage others to make even the smallest changes in the way they shop, we can perhaps make a difference."

Re uses 'gravity bins' to store products including rices, pulses, dried fruit and pasta.

While many of the shelves are stocked with county-made produce from on-tap rapeseed oil , coffee, cakes, bread, fruit and vegetables.

Locally-sourced cleaning fluids, washing powders and floor cleaners can also be bought from Re.

Re, in Sutton Street, is open between Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, with a late night opening on Thursdays until 7pm.