Dry Rot review at Milton Keynes Theatre


CAPERS around horses and get rick quick schemes in a country mansion are all elements of hilarity in this classic farce.

Dry Rot sees a crooked bookie trying to make thousands by replacing a champion horse with a terrible rider. However, there are plenty of laughs when they try to keep their plans from being find out by the hotel’s owners and more importantly the law.

Farce is probably the most difficult type of comedy to get right because it all depends on the timing of the actors on the stage. Fortunately, an experienced cast have a lot of timing, and when the timing comes together, this show is an absolute laugh riot with plenty of colourful characters to have the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

Probably the best performance come from the clueless Colonel and Mrs Wagstaff played by Neil Stacy and Liza Goddard. Comedy doesn’t work without a straight man, and they play the parts to perfection.

This show has plenty of laughs and it is well worth having a watch.

Dry Rot will be performed at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday. For tickets, call the box office on 0844 8717652.