Comedian brings new show to stage

Alan Davies
Alan Davies

The star of QI and Jonathan Creek has said that his family is the inspiration for his latest tour, which comes to Northampton later this month.

Alan Davies is to perform Little Victories at the Royal and Derngate on Friday, November 28.

He said: “The title of Little Victories comes from an anecdote about my father and how you would have to work hard to get one over him.

“It is also about having children and family life, so it is a very personal show for me. I wanted to do a show which only I could do.”

It is a return to his origins for the 48-year-old as he tours around the country.

He added: “Before the last tour, Life is Pain in 2013, it was 1999 when I did my last stand up show.

“Stand up is where it all started for me and I can confidently put down ‘comedian’ when I’m asked for my occupation on forms.

“Touring around the country is great, I get to see some fantastic venues and the Derngate is one of them.”

For many Davies will always be identified as Jonathan Creek, a show which he continues to be proud of.

He said: “I think they are amazing scripts and David Renwick goes through torture writing them, but they are so well plotted and written.

“I am asked a lot whether there is going to be another series and it is always something that I am happy to do but, at the moment, there are no plans for another series of Jonathan Creek.”

Daives also talks about how he came to work on the panel show QI.

He said: “I was working with John Lloyd on some commercials for the Abbey National and he suggested this show as an idea to me – a panel show where you get points for being interesting rather than right.

“I thought it was an interesting idea.

“We did the pilot and then that led on to the series. The thoughts were that it was originally going to be an ‘oiks versus toffs’ type thing.

“It was about three years before I realised I was being set up as the class dunce. I did initially rebel against it and refused to press the buzzer.

“However, what then happened is the producers – because they know me better than I know myself – set traps for me that they knew I would fall into.”

Davies also praised the new direction for the show.

He added: “There was a concern that we were getting the same guests on, but we have made a conscious decision to get more women on the panel and having people on the show who have not been on before.

“Funny women like Katharine Ryan and Susan Calman have come on and been fantastic.

“I think the show is now in its rudest possible health.

Little Victories starts at 8pm and tickets cost £26. To book call the box office on 01604 624811 or visit