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Fiori Musicali
Fiori Musicali
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Fiori Musicali will be recreating the Victorian era with a traditional Christmas carol concert.

Members of the group’s choir will be performing on Saturday at the historic Canons Ashby House in a wide array of Victorian costumes to bring back the spirit of great-great grandparents and of festive times in the past.

Well known around the region, Fiori Musicali are one of the main providers of baroque and classical music concerts outside London.

The evening’s entertainment will include carols and tales from Dickensian times. With old instruments and singers dressed in period costume Fiori Musicali will be telling the story of how Christmas came to be revived in the 19th century, two whole centuries after Cromwell had banned all festivities.

The group has linked up with the trust to enhance visitors’ experiences through an on-going programme of musical activity.

Fiori director and founder, Dr Penelope Rapson, said: “We’re delighted to be joining forces with the National Trust at Canons Ashby.

“There’s a terrific synergy and a great meeting of the minds between what Fiori do and what Laura Malpas of the National Trust is doing at Canons Ashby, and we are thrilled to be invited have a residency here.

“The historic authenticity of Canons Ashby (this superb Elizabethan Manor House has remained largely unchanged since 1710) and means that it lends itself perfectly to Fiori ideals, which are all about presenting historically-informed live music concerts.”

Laura Malpas, from Canons Ashby House, said: “We share a passion for authentically interpreting the past, with an obsession for accuracy.

“To hear Fiori Musicali rehearse and perform in the Priory Church at Canons Ashby is a magical experience, with echoes of transcendent music floating through the air from centuries past.

“Our monthly choral evensong sung by Fiori Musicali which faithfully reproduces the words and music of the past is a spiritually moving experience.

“Their catalogue covers a similar historic period to that of Canons Ashby, and as such we complement each other perfectly.

“We have plans to work together to bring a new aspect of Canons Ashby’s history to life, not just the people and places from the past, but to recreate the music that was the counterpoint of daily life over the last millennium.

“We welcome Fiori Musicali to Canons Ashby to help us bring an extra dimension to our visitor’s experience.”

The final show of the year from the group will be performed at the Guildhall in Northampton on Monday, December 23.

It is a chance to begin the Christmas season in style with Handel’s popular Messiah.

This Christmas carols event at Canons Ashby House needs to be booked in advance.

To book tickets, call the Fiori box office on 01327 360931 or alternatively email There is also full online booking at

Entrance for the show, which starts at 7.30pm, costs between £15 and £20. There is 20 per cent off for students, the unwaged and blue badge holders.