Cinema review - It Follows

It Follows with Maika Monroe as Jay. Picture by PA Photo/Icon Film Distribution.
It Follows with Maika Monroe as Jay. Picture by PA Photo/Icon Film Distribution.

A rare tale of suspense and thrills comes with this horror film which is impressively original.

I don’t wish to say too much about the plot of It Follows because to go into any detail would ruin a lot of the effectiveness behind this impossibly tense film. Suffice to say it sees a girl Jay go on a date with her boyfriend which takes a truly terrifying turn.

There are many stand out moments in David Robert Mitchell’s film but his timing is fantastic. Like the punchline to a good joke, the story and direction delivers some truly jumpy scenes.

But it is clearly a love letter to the horror genre, gleefully referencing Halloween and Frankenstein but putting a new twist on the cliches which makes this film stand out as an original.

There is also an impressive performance from Maika Monroe as 19-year-old Jay. Her terror and bravery are encapsulated in the same time and in the hands of a less skilled actress, this is a film which could have collapsed. Fortunately, she carries this film and is likely to join the long list of horror heroines.

My one criticism is that the ending is rather abrupt and leaves a few issues to be resolved. I suspect a sequel may well attempt to tackle these but answering some of those questions would inevitable take a way some of the scares from this film.

The horror genre goes through golden periods and times when nothing original gets released. It remains to be seen whether It Follows can be the start of another great time for the genre but if this movie is anything to go by then the signs are promising. If you love horror films then I recommend this one.

It Follows can be seen at Cineworld in Rugby.