Back to the 17th century

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ON Sunday, September 8 Fiori’s busy summer season continues with star violinist Monica Huggett playing brilliant music for violin, written for 17th-century Venice.

Fiori Musicali are known around the area for their programmes of baroque and classical music – exciting concerts in beautiful settings that draw audiences into the colourful sound world of the 17th and 18th centuries.

This is a special year for Fiori, who were founded in 1983. To celebrate, guest artist Monica Huggett will be joining Fiori in the idyllic church at Fawsley. Internationally recognised for her impressive performances of Bach’s solo music for the violin, Monica’s CV is impressive. She was born in London and studied with the famous soloist Manoug Parikian. In her teens she was introduced to the baroque violin and has since become one of its most enthusiastic champions.

You can get tickets online or from the Fiori Box Office. The concert on Sunday, September begins at 7pm. Tickets cost £20 and are available from or by calling the Fiori Musicali Box Office on 01327 360931.