Artist making a splash at Daventry cafe

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A DIVERSE artist will be showing off her work at an exhibition on Saturday.

Stella Parslow will be appearing at the Evergreen Art Cafe in Sheaf Street, Daventry, showcasing a wide range of work.

The Buckinghamshire based artist, who works with pastels and acrylics, is looking forward to appearing at the cafe.

Stella said: “I do quite a different range of work, there are some which are quite contemporary.

“There are a number of benefits, if someone asks me to paint something abstract for their lounge, I can do that. If someone asks me to paint their house or a garden scene I can do that.”

She was full of praise for the set up at the cafe.

Stella added: “The pressure is off because you go in and have a coffee and you don’t feel obliged to buy anything. They have obviously been very successful.

“I hope as many people come along on Saturday as possible.”

She will be appearing all day at the cafe and doing a live demonstration.

For more information on her work, visit her website